06 2019-12

VX Entertainment takes you checking in Daimler!

From Daimler VR China Life Experience Installation to this year's Daimler showroom interactive motion capture device, VX Entertainment has always been a good partner for Daimler.
26 2019-11

How new technologies interact with international brands

Our CEO Rick Garson was invited to the East tech West conference , was held by CNBC and talked about how new technologies (AR/VR etc.) interact with international brands .
25 2019-08

VX Entertainment Creates Hologram Live Streaming Show to Bring New Experience for Readers in 5G Era

From 21th August to 25th August, the 26th BIBF, also known as Beijing International Book Fair, and the 17th Beijing International Book Carnival had been held simultaneously in China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi District.
25 2019-03

Dose of mixed reality creates success

Garson is leading a 20-strong team in Beijing. Most of them are young Chinese professionals, who are aware of production values that will be expected in Western markets.
16 2019-01

Finite reality and infinite entertainment

Rick Garson is a seasoned innovator in entertainment. His extraordinary range of experience covers promotions and productions for big-name artists and awards shows like the Billboard Music Awards.
09 2019-01

Virtual creative presentation of road safety knowledge, the convoy for children travel

VX Entertainment is committed to creating live-action immersive experiences that blend the virtual world with the real world to create more impossibilities for the future.
09 2019-01

VX Entertainment Builds A New Interactive Experience Showroom for Jinan Vanke

On 8th Dec, 2018, "Vanke·Ruyuan", the first pure courtyard villa community of Jinan Vanke, was officially opened to the public in Jinan. Jinan Vanke's main leaders, VX Entertainment creative team, local media and guests from all walks of life presented at the opening ceremony.



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