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VX Entertainment has built a world’s first ever studio/showroom with all the brand new cutting edge technologies under one roof.

Holograms, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality, Glasses-free 3D,Motion Capture, Live Streaming,7D interactive experiences, Gestural Walls, Projection Mapping.

We combine the talents of an all-star team in live events, production, holographic, virtual entertainment, creators and producers. We use technology to explore new ways od entertaining , storytelling, educating and producing to be at the cutting-edge at all times. We make Hollywood magic a reality in all environments!

VX entertainment is the first content development studio in the world to combine all of the latest cutting edge visual production technologies under one roof.

Holograms - Virtual reality - Augment reality - Glasses free 3D - Projection mapping - Motion capture - Mixed reality  
And more …

How augmented reality is helping business to improve their marketing

Throughout the latest decade, many businesses have changed their advertising and marketing campaigns to take advantage of the demand for digital online experiences. Content marketing had become popular, and due to augmented reality technology

How VX works for you

VX entertainment devises strategies and executive relationship with Fortune 100 brands, global broadcasters, advertising agencies, and media and corporate partners by gaining direct access to decision makers at the highest level.

We maximize creative revenue streams for brands and properties

 We develop entertainment-focused brands

We blend traditional and interactive marketing methods

We specialize in producing large scale events for live audiences and global broadcasts

Our experience includes working with and delivering projects for some of the world‘s biggesst brands.

What we do 

We are expert creators and story-tellers making Hollywood magic a reality in live environments and taking your idea to a whole new level.
Our team member credits include world-renowned entertainment projects.
VX entertainment combines the talents of an all-star team with years of experience in live events, television production, holographic & virtual entertainment and effects industries to create innovative, engaging content for your business. We are experts in live entertainment, music , popular culture, technology, sports and fashion.
Our team has created, produced and worked on some of the biggest entertainment spectacles in the world, with a strong focus on China.s
VX entertainment team members have produced television and online content for major brands on some of the biggest networks in the world, with billions of view in counties across the globe.


Hologram Video

Holograms, effectively 3D projected images, are increasingly used in everything from concerts to education and healthcare.

At VX entertainment, we have a purpose-built hologram stage enabling you to see the technology’s capabilities in action.


Hololens is an AR-based holographic computer which is completely unattached and enables users to put holograms into their physical environment.

VX entertainment is a Microsoft Hololens Developer-one of only a handful awarded in the world.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has taken China and the world by storm in the past few years used for everything from shopping to music festivals.

We not only have a team of VR experts who can help you find the best way to utilizes VR for you brand, but we also have all of the latest VE equipment available for you to test our in person. 

Augmented Reality

AR/MR augments or adds graphics, audio, and other sensory enhancements to the natural world as it exists. This can enable interaction with live shows, advertising or educational materials to enhance real world experiences.

Mixed Reality 

VX has full suite of AR/MR tools and experts at your disposal to create custom, tailor-made AR/MR solutions for your brand.

5 Things you likely still don’t know about Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a hot topic right now, but is your knowledge just buzzword level? Put yourself to the test with this list of 5 things likely still don’t know about mixed reality.

Google’s Daydream View Vows To Be The Best Mobile Headset Ever

Described as cutting-edge and an incredible piece of the VR puzzle. Google’s Daydream view is eager to surpass the mixed-reality efforts of others.

Daydream View is a virtual reality headset that’s made Available on Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform, powered by any daydream-ready phone( Pixel, Moto Z, Mate 9 Pro, Axon 7, Galaxy S8, and Zenfone AR). The easy-to-sport headset is partnered with a sleek controller that’s design with both gamers and non-gamers in mind.

According to Google, The inspiration for the wearable design is casual wear. Dressed in

breathable fabric, the headset is meant to convey effortless style and comfort. In its many

colors (slate. snow, and crimson), the visual set is lightweight, breathable, and the facepad is hand-washable. The device also fits over most eyeglasses.

The controller paired with the headset is imbued with functionality and intuitiveness. It’s been described as a magic wand, and it aids with seamless interaction in the virtual world, with the same ease one might interact with tangible item in the real world. There are numerous smart sensors installed in the remote, which allows it to track motion and movements. Volume control also sits at the user’s fingertips helping them to experience more at their own measurement.

Google Daydream 2.0 Euphrates, a revision to the standard allows for users to share what they’re viewing with others which is made possible by Google’s Chromecast technology. Chromecast or Cast-enabled televisions can capture and showcase the virtual experience, which can typically be a lonely one. Socializing the virtual experience allows spectators to react the breathtaking graphics and immersive images. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, headsets that are far more expensive, permit this type of sharing with use of cords connecting to televisions. However, the Google device doesn’t ask that you use cords.

The virtual platform, which is baked into a number of recently fashioned Androids, supports the remarkable headset which is functional different from Samsung’s Gear VR, thanks to its comfortable frame and its remote/touch pad. It’s these additional feature that promise uninterrupted navigation. Daydream View normally costs $79 and it began shipping in early November 2016. Google Daydream 2.0 Euphrates was announced early in 2017.

Google recently acquired Owlchemy Labs, the creator of numerous virtual reality apps, namely Tiltbrush, Google Earth and Job Simulator, While there apps don’t presently work with Daydream device, but does work with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, this will likely change in the near future.

8 exciting things you can do with your Google’s daydream view headset

Google doesn’t want to give you just another headset . After all, they’ve already made the Google Cardboard which is extremely affordable and accessible. No, they’re interested in giving you and all mobile users with a vested interest in virtual reality a new VR experience that utilizes Google’s very own viewer hardware.

Google has done a bit more than introduce a savvy platform that can be used in tandem with Android devices. They’re now developing Daydream View into an all-in-one hub for VR content and attempting to lead the game when comes to the development of exciting headsets that can teleport users.

Read on to learn exciting thins about these Daydream:

The Daydream View allows users front-row consumption of their favorite concerts. Rather than watching the event on-screen, the device allows a more involved experience and you will feel like you’ re there.

 The adventure of accessing historical landmarks remotely has been renewed thanks to the Daydream View. Google is working with operators of leading landmarks to gather footage that users can explore the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids from their living room.

The big screen has just gotten bigger. Users can immerse themselves in the stories that they love to watch in the theater and on their television. Supported by Netflix an YouTube, the Daydream Facilitates total enrollment in the moviegoer experience.

Spectator sports can be viewed from the nearness of the sidelines. Whether it is opening day for your favorite baseball team or the energetic NBA playoffs, you can watch as if you paided for season tickets.

The controller that’s sold with the device can be secured to your headset so that you don’t misplace it.

The world of gaming will soon bow to virtual reality. The Daydream will be right there to help users cast spells virtually as Google teams with Warner Brothers to develop fantastic Beasts and where to find them video game.

The device allows users an opportunity to explore the undersea world with the use of the app ocean Rift.

Venturing into the world of stand alone VR. Google will soon develop devices that require no phone or connection to a computer. They have partnered with HTC Vive and the Lenovo leadings in VR and mobile computing to create two pieces of Virtually attending a rock concert.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the ability to project mew images onto an existing building, street or other surface. We use the actual architecture to create a new arresting look.
This enables you to project your key visuals or brand messages onto people’s existing environments, bringing them closer to your business in a way they may not have experienced before. At VX entertainment, we offer you the chance to witness this incredible cutting edge process in action and test its usage for your brand.

Motion capture

Gestural-driven experiences enable users to interact and have lots more fun with products and images, simply by using their hands. These touch-less interactions bring customers closer to your brand. Whether it’s for entertainment purposes, advertising and marketing or for adding another dimension to your events, VX entertainment can help unlock the potential of motion apture for your brand.


We are expert creators and story-tellers making Hollywood magic a reality in live environments and taking your idea to a whole new level.
Our team member credits include world-renowned entertainment projects.